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What a year this has been…filled with uncertainty, hope, dreams, aspiration, change, struggles, and most of all growth…

I don’t think I ever shared how I started my photography journey…I’ve always been a crafter and “artsy” since very young. I remember my mom taking me to pottery and painting classes since I was just a little girl. I always loved art class all through my schooling years. I wasn’t really exposed to photography until I took a class back in college, at the University of Miami, some 12 years or so ago! Thanks to some very brave girlfriends of mine who volunteered to be my models I was able to practice and experiment for all of my school assignments (don’t worry girls, I won’t post those photos here, those are safe!). I was doing my Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and thought that it was too late to change paths, but the spark was already ignited. I graduated, started working at an Ad agency, and eventually after a few years switched to the production side within the same agency. I LOVED working with directors, creatives, and photographers. I was somewhat back in my element.

Then, life happened. Got married, had a kid, move to North Carolina, had another kid 18 months apart, move back to Florida, bought a house, and then just focused my life on my kids. But the internal dilemma was always there, I wanted to do something for me, and I always knew that it was photography.

I was always too scared to find the right moment to start, and always made excuses for myself. I was scared to fail and scared to have my creativity critiqued. Then one day, almost exactly a year ago, I just said TODAY IS THE DAY and bought a camera. No more excuses.  And so it began.

Now, after almost a year of lots of hard work, late nights, reading, learning, tutorials, workshops, practice, research, and amazing help from extraordinary photographers I have met along the way, I finally realize that I am doing what I love doing and what I was meant to do.

I am not going to lie, there are many moments that I question everything about myself and my work and have the urge to just give up, especially after moving yet again to NYC a few months ago and starting my business from zero. But you know what; I made it this far and all this hard work can only lead to more growth and strength.

I came across this quote recently and it really hit home for me.

inspirational quote

I always used to tell my husband, “I can’t wait for my life to start”, but what I didn’t realize was that this is what my life is, all the craziness and ups and downs.

If any of you out there reading this are unsure or scared of starting to live YOUR dream, just do it. There will never be a perfect time. Just take the plunge and never look back.

I am excited to see what the next year brings for me and Gd willing, it will be filled with success, happiness and joy 🙂



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