Studio located in Industry City, Brooklyn NY
Newborn sessions are weekdays only

Collection “A” $1,600

3-4 hr session
25 fully edited high resolution images.
Parent/siblings included.
Use of props and accessories provided by photographer.
Online proof gallery for image selection.
10 x 10 Luxury flush mount album.
Keepsake USB with final 25 edited high resolution images.

Collection “B” $1,100

3-4 hr session
20 fully edited high resolution images.
Parent/siblings included.
Use of props and accessories provided by photographer.
Online proof gallery for image selection.
Three mini pocket accordions.
One 8×10 professional print.
Keepsake USB with final 20 edited high resolution images.

Collection “C” $800

1-2 hr session
10 fully edited high resolution images.
Baby only.
Parent/siblings NOT included.
Use of props and accessories provided by photographer.
Online proof gallery for image selection.
One 8×10 professional print.
Keepsake USB with final 10 edited high resolution images.

50% due upon booking (nonrefundable), balance due day of session.

Newborn FAQ

When is the best time to book a newborn session?

As soon as you get that positive pregnancy stick! OK, maybe not that quick…but the sooner you book the better. I would suggest around your second trimester. I only book a limited number of newborn sessions per month and would really hate to have to turn down your session due to being fully booked.

Can I bring a special item to include in my session?

Yes! I always ask parents in the pre-session questionnaire if they have a special item or heirloom they would like to include. I do ask that this be limited to one item.

Are sibling and parents shots included in the session?

Parents and sibling shots are included in the middle and top collections. When siblings are included, we normally do those shots first, and a parent will take the child home or to the park (across the street) since the session can last long and siblings tend to not have as much patience.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for our session?

I will be sending you very easy and simple to follow prep instructions for the day of the session. The basics are… keep baby awake for 1-2hrs prior to the session, and give baby a good feeding before leaving home.

Do I need to bring anything for my newborn session?

Nope! Just the baby. I have everything here ready for you to use.

Aside from our digital images and products included in the collections, do you offer additional products?

Yes, I offer prints, professional canvases, albums and other products as well. You will be able to see samples of these at my studio the day of your session.

When is the best time to do the session?

The best time for newborn sessions is when the baby is 6-14 days new. During this time, the baby is still very sleepy and curled up just like in the womb, making it much easier for posing.

Where do newborn sessions take place?

Sessions are held at my studio in Industry City, Brooklyn.

254 36th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232 – Studio B513

Directions can be found here.

Do you also travel to client’s homes?

I do not travel to client’s homes. Being able to have a dedicated studio space makes it ideal to have the perfect environment for newborn sessions. I am able to control the lighting, room temperature and have tons of props and options available at an arm’s reach. Parents are able to relax catch up on emails and even take a much needed nap! It will be a relaxing experience. Believe it or not, having a photographer come to your home could be more stressful. You will probably feel the need to tidy up (and who wants to do that after having a baby!), make sure there is a specific space that will fit the photographer’s items (and possibly have to move furniture around), set a specific temperature of the room, etc… Leaving the house, getting some fresh air, and just handing me your newborn and you having a nice relaxing time, sounds much better!

How long does the session last?

Newborn sessions are scheduled for weekdays only. They range from 2-4 hour sessions depending on the collection you choose. Why so long? Well, I like to have enough time in case the baby needs extra feeding time, soothing, and posing a newborn all takes time and patience. This way, everyone is nice and relaxed and the session goes smoothly

How do I book a date if I am not sure when the baby will actually be born?

When you are ready to book your session we will pencil in a date for your due date. This way I know more or less a time frame for your session. I know babies make their entrance at their own time, so we would set the final date after the baby is born. I do require to be notified within 48hrs of the baby being born so we have enough time for scheduling purposes. Adding me to your “we had the baby!” text or email should be perfect that way you don’t forget.


Studio located in Industry City, Brooklyn NY
Kids sessions are weekdays only

Sitter $550

6-9 months
15 fully edited high resolution images available for download.
Baby must be sitting up untended.
1hr studio shoot only.
3 set ups included.
Use of props and accessories provided by photographer.
Online proof gallery for image selection.
Additional images may be purchased.

Cake Smash $600

20 fully edited high resolution images available for download. 
1.5hr studio shoot only. 
3 set ups included (pre-cake, cake smash, and bubble bath). 
Use of props and accessories provided by photographer. 
Online proof gallery for image selection. 
Additional images may be purchased. 
Cake not included. 

Cake Smash FAQ

What if my child is sick?

A healthy child is a happy child. Please let me know within 24hrs of your session if your child is sick, has a runny nose, or cough, so we can reschedule your session. Since I work very closely with newborns or other children, I need to be extra diligent in protecting these precious little beings. It is to my discretion to reschedule the session if the child appears to be sick at the time of the session. Thank you for keeping me and my family healthy too!

My child has a small scratch/bruise or their face, is that ok?

I know kids at this age are on the move! Lots of falling and tripping. If you child has a small mark on their face, do not worry as I am able to touch it up in post.

Any tips on how to prepare my child for their Cake Smash Session?

It is a good idea to do a trial run at home a few days before with a cupcake with frosting. Some kids have never had sweets before, or have a hard time feeling dirty or messy. Giving them a chance to experience these sensations for the first time at home can make it easier on the day of the session.

Do I need to bring any special outfits for my child?

No. I have plenty to choose from in my studio which matches my photographic style and aesthetic. Most of the outfits you see on my images have been provided by me.

Do you include parent or sibling shots?

At this time, cake smash sessions only focuses on the baby. Parents and siblings are not included.

What type of cake should I bring?

The cake should be 5-6” with a soft butter cream icing and a light color cake inside (no red velvet). It does not need to be anything fancy, and most local bakeries should be able to make something simple. If you prefer, you are also able to bring a homemade cake. Please leave the cake at room temperature about 2 hours before the session to ensure the frosting is nice and soft.

Do you set up themes for the cake smash portion?

For the cake smash portion of the session, I do not focus on particular themes as that is not my personal style. I focus on the moment and on the child having a fun time with the cake, their expressions and details. I always use either a white or ivory backdrop, cake stand, and a matching banner based on the color of the cake. I do provide shorts and tutus for the kids to wear.

What do I need to bring to my Cake Smash session?

You will need to bring the cake, a towel for the bubble bath and snacks such as puffs and water for your child.

How many set ups does the session include?

We normally do three set ups. One focusing on the child alone, the cake smash and bubble bath at the end.

When is the best time to schedule a Cake Smash session?

It is best to schedule your child’s cake smash session about a month ahead of time. I do tend to book up in advance. Cake Smash sessions are scheduled during the week, in the morning, based on the best time around their nap. I do offer weekend dates on a limited basis, for an additional fee, and those sessions are scheduled at 10am only.